meet pete & andy…

After endless soggy bun disappointment, Pete and Andy’s Burger face meltdown began. Burger Lovers deserved better. They vowed to change the Burger universe for greater good. Strong, indestructible burgers, ready to be delivered and guzzled in full, juicy glory were necessity. Post Sloppy Burger Disorder would be banished. Pete and Andy began their quest and Chosen Bun was born.

Pete and Andy (Founders of Chosen Bun)

Burger Obsession. Ours goes beyond average addiction. In search of our Chosen Bun, we travelled all around the world in a full-on burger mission. From New York to Naples we wrestled our tongues over 1000 beef patties, 50 triple-cooked chips, 30 onion rings, 12 pickled gherkins and 10 types of lettuce before bringing on the buns. Finally we figured the secrets to the ultimate Chosen Bun.

The world would be a better place if we could cut the crap. Which is why we fly the flag for authenticity with our Chosen ingredients. Whilst we can’t stop lying lovers and cheating politicians, we do ensure every ounce of your Chosen Bun is bursting with freshness and ethically sourced meat.

Ever wondered how burgers stay so beefed? Turns out it’s not easy keeping up a hot bod. We want your Chosen Bun to stay plump and juicy so our packaging got the ultimate workout. The result? Uniquely designed boxes so spesh we patented them. Never stopping at ordinary, our testing got out of this world. Literally. We air-rocketed a Chosen Bun into space before parachuting it back down to earth.  Whatever the gravity, we discovered our burgz stay in tip top shape. So with every hand-crafted order, prepare for serious pre-bun mouth drool.

When you’re feeling those Chosen Bun vibes, waiting around just isn’t cool. Which is why we’ve rallied our top people to turbo-charge their speed and deliver the good stuff straight to your door.

there’s only
one chosen bun