Our story

The idea:

Andy (half of ‘The Shoveman’) and his friend James (all of ‘Slim-Jim Chicken’) were pondering as to why no one in the entire world delivers proper burgers, properly. That stormy (or.. slightly overcast) night in early 2012, was the moment of conception for Chosen Bun.

It was only when Andy hooked up with Pete (the other half of ‘The Shoveman’) that things really started to get serious.

However, we soon realised that you could write a long, and fairly dull book, on the subject of why burgers shouldn’t be delivered. They are one of the least suitable foods in existence for delivery. They go soggy, come apart, wilt, sweat – you name it, they do it when you shove them onto a bike. We got to work in the summer or 2012.

Onion ringsOnion rings
Andy and PeteAndy and Pete

The Research:

We’ve tasted approximately 1000 beef patties in the last 10 months. To assert that we’ve taken this seriously would be a great, steaming understatement. We’ve chomped our way through 10 different types of Lettuce, 12 types of pickled gherkin, dozens of different buns, 30 different onion ring recipes, 50 triple-cooked chip recipes THE LIST IS ENDLESS.

At the end of 2012, the two of us went on a burger tasting mission to USA. We inhaled at least 3 burgers per day each for 10 days in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Naples. We learned lots and got a little sick of beef. Only for a few days though.

Andy and PeteAndy and Pete in the USA
PackagingOur ingenious packaging

Our packaging has been specifically designed for us and it’s awesome. The first few tests we did ended horribly, but 10 months on – we have an ingenious solution. So ingenious in fact, that we’ve patented it.

So, at the end of all of that – here we are. Selling burgers! Finally!

If you’d like to chat with us – you can email us: [email protected] and [email protected]