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Beef patty, smoked streaky bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, Chosen burger sauce, caramalised pink onion relish and Nick’s Pickles.

Chosen Bun - Burger Of The Week
Chosen Bun - Lightning Fast Delivery


Waiting around just isn’t cool. Which is why we’ve rallied our top people to turbo-charge their speed and deliver the good stuff straight to your door. Our super friendly drivers let you sit back and chow down within minutes.

Chosen Bun - Burger Delivery

After endless soggy bun disappointment, Pete and Andy’s Burger face meltdown began. Burger Lovers deserved better. They vowed to change the Burger universe for greater good. Strong, indestructible burgers, ready to be delivered and guzzled in full, juicy glory were necessity. Post Sloppy Burger Disorder would be banished. Pete and Andy began their quest and Chosen Bun was born.

Chosen Bun - Burger Delivery